2021: Year in review

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Another year passed by, and I'm happy I can still keep writing a weekly post throughout the year.

A lot of things are going on this year. The most significant event for this year and for my life is that I got married 💍.

It feels like I have to juggle between career, blog, and wedding planning. Quite exhausting, but everything works out in the end.

So, no new books or apps this year. Here are some stats of sarunw.com.

The stats


Users: 306,778
Pageviews: 583,616
Twitter Followers: 1,337
Email subs: 465


Users: 575,067 (+87%)
Pageviews: 1,055,119 (+80%)
Twitter Followers: 3,676 (+174%)
Email subs: 844 (+81%)

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The supports

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the readers who read and share my article, supporters who motivate me to keep me writing, and sponsors who see the potential of my blog. Everyone is an important part of my writing. May all your wishes come true in 2022!

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