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SwiftUI Dynamic List View

Learn how to create a list from a collection of data.

How to make parts of Text view Bold in SwiftUI

Learn how to style some parts of SwiftUI Text view.

How to fix preferredStatusBarStyle not getting called

Two common reasons make the preferredStatusBarStyle not getting called.

SwiftUI: Explore the new declarative UI framework

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How to change SwiftUI List section separator color

Learn how to colorize a list section separator.

How to remove List Section separators in SwiftUI

Some list style has section separators. Let's learn how to remove them.

Multiple rows Selection in SwiftUI List

Learn how to allow multiple row selection in SwiftUI List.

SwiftUI Button: Basic usage

SwiftUI made it incredibly easy to create a button compared to how we do it in UIKit. Let's learn how to do it.

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UIKit: Learn the best of both worlds

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How to change Status Bar text color in iOS

Learn how to change a status bar text color in UIKit app.

How to use UIView in SwiftUI

Learn how to use UIView as a SwiftUI view.

How to create Rounded Corners Button in UIKit

There are many ways to create a rounded corners button in UIKit based on the minimum iOS version you want to support. Let's learn how to do it.

How to use UIViewController in SwiftUI

Learn how to use UIViewController as a SwiftUI view.

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Swift: Learn every aspect of the language

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How to remove nil elements from an array in Swift

Learn how to filter out nil values from a Swift array.

How to check if String is Number in Swift

Learn different ways to check if a string is a number.

How to get index and value from for loop in Swift

Swift has many ways to retrieve an index of an array, but it might not be obvious. Let's learn how to do it.

Loop n times in Swift

There are many ways to loop in Swift. In this post, I will show you how I do when I want to loop for a specific number of times.

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Xcode: Learn tips and tricks about the tool

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Little big improvements in Xcode 14

Small improvements that make a big difference in day-to-day coding.

7 Xcode shortcuts for a large iOS project

This article will share seven Xcode shortcuts that will help you on a large iOS project. The tricks you are about to learn will help you find and navigate to a file/class/symbol in your large and small project.

How to fix "Unable to boot the iOS simulator" error

There might be several reasons that cause this error. I will share the solution that works for me.

How to test UI layout for different languages with Pseudolanguages

Each language has its own characteristic. Some are more verbose than others. Some have special characters that take up vertical spaces. Some even read and lay out from right to left. Let's see how to make sure your layout is ready for this.

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