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How to save/export an image in Mac Catalyst

Learn how to lets users save an image outside of your app’s sandbox.

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Easy way to detect a retain cycle in a view controller

A view controller is one component where memory leak usually takes place since it holds many pieces together. One of the easiest ways to detect them is to see if a view controller is not being deallocated. Let's see how Xcode breakpoint can help you find a leak.

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3 lesser-known ways of using Swift enums

Three language features around Swift enumeration that you might not aware of.

Testing delegates and protocols in XCTest

Learn how to write unit tests for delegate/protocol methods.

Make a placeholder view in SwiftUI with redacted()

SwiftUI provides an easy way to convert to render any view into a placeholder style by redacting its content.

Move your view around with Drag Gesture in SwiftUI

SwiftUI's UIPanGestureRecognizer equivalent.

Recent Tips

More tips can be found in the tips section.

How to change a back button image

Learn how to change a UINavigationBar back button indicator.

Match a view's shadow to the Sketch shadow

Learn how to set shadow spread and blur from a Sketch design.

How to compare two app version strings in Swift

Learn how to check your app version strings are higher or lower.

How to split a string into an array of substrings in Swift

Learn different ways to split a string into an array of substrings.