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New if let shorthand for optional binding

Swift 5.7 introduced a new syntax for optional binding. Let's see what it is and how it can improve our code.

How to change status bar color in SwiftUI

In SwiftUI, we have no direct way to change a status bar style. But we can indirectly control it through two view modifiers.

How to get AppStore Connect Team ID and Developer Portal Team ID for Fastlane actions

If your Apple account belongs to multiple teams, this can cause Fastlane confusion. Learn how to fix it.

SwiftUI: Explore the new declarative UI framework

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Calendar view in SwiftUI with MultiDatePicker

In iOS 16, we have a new view to select multiple dates. Let's explore its capabilities.

How to create multiline TextField in SwiftUI

In iOS 16, we can create a multiple text field with new initializers and a little help from the .lineLimit(_:) modifier.

SwiftUI Grid

iOS 16 add a new Grid view to SwiftUI. A Grid view arranges child views in rows and columns. This table-like structure makes a layout that is hard to do in vertical and horizontal stacks become easier.

How to add a TextField to Alert in SwiftUI

iOS 16 add the ability to integrate a text field in an alert.

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UIKit: Learn the best of both worlds

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How to disable dark mode in iOS

If you are not ready to make your app support dark mode, you can opt-out of that. You can do disable it for an entire app or partially. Learn different ways to disable dark mode in iOS.

How to position an UIButton image to the right side of the text

By default, when you set an image to an UIButton, it will position on the leading edge of the text. Let's learn how to put it on the trailing edge instead.

How to remove extra padding when converting HTML to NSAttributedString

When you convert HTML string to NSAttributedString, sometimes, you will get an extra unwanted bottom padding. Learn what is causing this and how to mitigate the problem.

How to present a Bottom Sheet in iOS 15 with UISheetPresentationController

In iOS 15, we finally have native UI for a bottom sheet. Let's explore its behavior and limitation.

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Swift: Learn every aspect of the language

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How to handle API Changes with @available

The available attribute (@available) is another tool that helps you cope with API changes. Let's see how this is different from the availability condition (#available).

How to handle API Changes with #available

Every year Apple introduces new features to the system, and sometimes they have to deprecate some old APIs to make room for the new ones. Change is an inevitable thing in programming. Let's learn how to handle the changes.

Swift Type placeholder: What is it and when to use it

Type placeholders allow us to write a type placeholder (_) in a place where type is expected. A compiler will automatically infer the type of that placeholder. But what is the benefit of it? Let's find out.

Swift typealias: What is it and when to use it

A type alias declaration introduces a named alias of an existing type into your app. You can think of it as defining a nickname for an existing type. Let's learn the benefit and when to use them.

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Xcode: Learn tips and tricks about the tool

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7 Xcode shortcuts for a large iOS project

This article will share seven Xcode shortcuts that will help you on a large iOS project. The tricks you are about to learn will help you find and navigate to a file/class/symbol in your large and small project.

How to fix "Unable to boot the iOS simulator" error

There might be several reasons that cause this error. I will share the solution that works for me.

How to test UI layout for different languages with Pseudolanguages

Each language has its own characteristic. Some are more verbose than others. Some have special characters that take up vertical spaces. Some even read and lay out from right to left. Let's see how to make sure your layout is ready for this.

How to quickly test apps in other languages with an Xcode scheme

A tip for creating multiple schemes to quickly run your app in different languages.

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