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Better print for AnyKeyPath in Swift 5.8

Swift 5.8 improve the information that is printed out for a keypath.

Allow implicit self for weak self captures, after self is unwrapped

Swift allows implicit self in many places. It removes visual noise and allows developers to focus on things that matter. In Swift 5.8, Swift expands the case, which enables the implicit self to be used.

Back deploy Swift Function

Does this mean we can finally enjoy the new SwiftUI feature while still supporting old versions of iOS? Let's find out.

#file behavior change in Swift 5.8

In Swift 6.0, the behavior of the #file will change. Prepare yourself for the change.

Remove all limitations on variables in result builders

Swift 5.8, we have more flexibility in declaring local variables inside a result builder.

Conditional compilation for Attributes in Swift 5.8

Let's learn about the new conditional directive, hasAttribute.

Stable Sort in Swift

Is Swift sorting stable or not?

What's New in Swift 5.8

Learn about all the Swift 5.8 updates.

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