How to get AppStore Connect Team ID and Developer Portal Team ID for Fastlane actions

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If your Apple account belongs to multiple teams, this can cause Fastlane confusion sometimes.

I got an error today trying to upload my app to the App Store using the pilot action.

Couldn't find app 'com.example.xxxx' on the account of '' on App Store Connect

When you get this kind of error, you might need to be more specific about what team you are referring to.

You can explicitly set the team for Fastlane's action by providing these Two keys.

  1. team_id: The ID of your Developer Portal team.
  2. itc_team_id: The ID of your App Store Connect team.

The problem is how to find these IDs.

Where to find Apple Developer Team ID

To find Apple Developer Team ID:

  1. Log in to Apple's Developer Center.
  2. Choose the team you want to find an ID for by click your name on the top-right.
  3. Then select Membership on the left panel.
  4. You will find Team ID under Membership Information section.

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Where to find App Store Connect Team ID

It is quite tricky to find App Store Connect Team ID. I can give you two ways to do it.

  1. With Fastlane.
  2. Without Fastlane.

With Fastlane

I do this with the help of Fastlane Spacehip.

  1. Open a terminal app and navigate to your project (with Fastlane installed).
  2. Run fastlane spaceship command.
  3. Enter your Apple credential if your get asked. You may or may not get asked for your Apple credential based on your information in the keychain.
  4. Once logged in, enter this command Spaceship::Tunes.select_team.
  5. If you have multiple App Store Connect teams, you will see a list of teams and their ID.

Here is an example of running Spaceship::Tunes.select_team command.

1) "TEAM 1" (12345)
2) "TEAM 2" (8123123)
3) "TEAM 3" (312312)
4) "TEAM 4" (9130812)
5) "Sarun Wongpatcharapakorn" (123123)

Without Fastlane

  1. Log in to App Store Connect.
  2. Get your team information in a JSON format by opening this URL
  3. Team information will sit under data.associatedAccounts array. You can find App Store Connect Team ID under contentProvider.contentProviderId property.

Here is how the JSON looks:

"name":"TEAM 1",
"name":"TEAM 2",
"name":"TEAM 3",

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