How to Upload dSYM to Firebase using upload_symbols_to_crashlytics and SPM

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You probably get the following error:

Failed to find Fabric's upload_symbols binary at /Applications/**/upload-symbols or ./Pods/**/upload-symbols. Please specify the location of the binary explicitly by using the binary_path option

When trying to upload dSYM to Firebase with these two conditions:

  1. You install Firebase SDK using Swift Package Manager (SPM) and try to
  2. Upload dSYM with the upload_symbols_to_crashlytics Fastlane action.

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How to fix the "Failed to find Fabric's upload_symbols binary" error

To fix the "Failed to find Fabric's upload_symbols binary" error, you need to do two things.

  1. Copy the upload-symbols script from the Crashlytics module to your project.
  2. Point upload_symbols_to_crashlytics to the copied script.

Copy upload-symbols script

You can find the upload-symbols script in the Firebase package's directory.

  1. In the project navigator pane (Left pane), scroll all the way down. You will see all of your Package Dependencies.
  2. Click Firebase > Crashlytics, and you should see the upload-symbols script.
upload-symbols script.
upload-symbols script.
  1. Right-click on upload-symbols and select "Show in Finder" to locate the file.
  2. Create a scripts folder at the root of your project.
  3. Copy upload-symbols script to newly create folder, ./scripts/upload-symbols.

Modify upload_symbols_to_crashlytics action

The next step is to make the upload_symbols_to_crashlytics action using the upload-symbols script we just copied.

Add new parameter binary_path: './scripts/upload-symbols' to your upload_symbols_to_crashlytics action.

binary_path: './scripts/upload-symbols'

After all these changes, you should be able to upload dSYM to Firebase successfully.

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