How to hide a Navigation Back button in SwiftUI

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How to hide a Navigation Back button in SwiftUI

To hide a navigation back button in SwiftUI, we apply .navigationBarBackButtonHidden(true) modifier to the view that you want to hide the back button.

In this example, we set .navigationBarBackButtonHidden(true) to the DetailView.

NavigationStack {
NavigationLink("Detail") {
.navigationBarBackButtonHidden(true) // 1

1 Apply .navigationBarBackButtonHidden(true) to the DetailView.

Adding .navigationBarBackButtonHidden(true) will cause two things to happen.

  1. The back button will be hidden on that view.
  2. The edge swipe to go back will be disable.

In summary, you not just hide the UI, but you disable every function to go back.

As a result, you can't go back once you land on the DetailView.


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When should you hide a back button

A navigation view is a common way of navigation in iOS.

People expect they can always go back with a navigation view. So, you better have a good reason preventing people not to go back.

There is no rule of when to use navigationBarBackButtonHidden(true), but you probably want to use it when it is the end of the user flow.

For example, you use a navigation view for a cart checkout flow, and once the order is made, there is no use in going back.

In that case, you can hide the back button and provide another action to navigate the user to where it makes sense for your app, e.g., an order status.

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