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How to Save and Read Array in UserDefaults in Swift

Learn how to store an array in UserDefaults.

How to save enum with associated value in UserDefaults using Swift

Let's learn how to read/write enum with associated value to UserDefaults.

How to save enum in UserDefaults using Swift

Enumeration is a type that I think is perfect for representing options for users, but we can't save it directly to UserDefaults. Let's learn how to read/write enum to UserDefaults.

How to set UserDefaults value with Launch Arguments

Learn how to use a launch argument to override UserDefaults value and test your apps.

How to delete UserDefaults data on macOS and Catalyst

In iOS, if you want to delete the app's UserDefaults, you can simply delete the app. But that is not the case for macOS and Catalyst app.

Setting default values for NSUserDefaults

NSUserDefaults is a go-to database for saving users' preferences. Learn how to populate it with your default values.

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