How to Reload view in SwiftUI

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SwiftUI is a Data-driven user interface.

That means a SwiftUI view will automatically update or reload with the latest data.

You don't have to explicitly trigger any reload method like you usually do it UIKit.

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How to Reload view in SwiftUI

SwiftUI view always updates with the latest Data.

But the Data that SwiftUI view keeps an eye on is not an ordinary one.

SwiftUI has a special type of data that can trigger the view's update.

These special types are implemented using a Swift feature called Property Wrapper. You can easily spot them from the @ prefix.

Here are all types of Data that will trigger a SwiftUI View update.

  1. @State
  2. @Binding
  3. @ObservedObject
  4. @StateObject
  5. @EnvironmentObject
  6. @Environment
  7. @FetchRequest
  8. @AppStorage
  9. @SceneStorage
  10. @Published inside ObservableObject

By referencing this value in your view, it will automatically update to reflect the change.


Here is an example where I keep my view updated with the latest counter value.

struct ContentView: View {
// 1
@State private var counter = 0

var body: some View {
VStack {
// 2
Text("Current counter: \(counter)")
Button("+1") {
// 3
counter += 1

1 I declare a @State variable, counter. This will use to trigger the view update.
2 I reference @State variable in the view.
3 I update the counter value in the button action, and the view will automatically update itself.

SwiftUI view update with the latest value of the @State variable.
SwiftUI view update with the latest value of the @State variable.

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