Configure Launch screen in UIKit without Storyboard

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In Xcode 12 and iOS 14, we got a new way to configure an app launch screen.

We can configure a launch screen via an Info.plist instead of a Storyboard file.

Let's learn how to configure your app's launch screen without storyboards.

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How to configure an information property list launch screen in UIKit project

To configure a launch screen using an Info.plist, you have to do the following steps.

  1. Remove Launch screen interface file base name (UILaunchStoryboardName) key from project Info.plist.
  2. Remove your launch screen file.
  3. Add Launch Screen (UILaunchScreen) key to your Info.plist.
  4. Then, you can configure it the way you want.

The Launch Screen (UILaunchScreen) is a dictionary that supports six options, where each one represents one UI element.

  • Background color
  • Image name
  • Image respects safe area insets
  • Show navigation bar
  • Show Tab bar
  • Show Toolbar

You can read more about how to configure a launch screen using Info.plist here.

Here is a simple example: I added a toolbar and made a pink background color.

Configure a launch screen via UILaunchScreen key.
Configure a launch screen via UILaunchScreen key.

Here is the result of the launch screen.

A launch screen with a toolbar and pink background.
A launch screen with a toolbar and pink background.

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