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Today release of Xcode 11 Beta 3 brings some change to SwiftUI components. I will highlight some obvious one, you can check the rest here.

NavigationView {
List {
Text("Hello World")
NavigationLink(destination: Text("Detail")) {
.navigationBarTitle(Text("Navigation Title"))


PresentationLink(destination: Text("Present"), label: { Text("Popup") })


.tabItemLabel -> .tabItem

We can finally use SF Symbol here and we can init .tabItem with Image and Text directly without VStack.

TabbedView {
.tabItem { Text("First") }
.tabItem {
Image(systemName: "circle")


New initializer for most views with label

Most SwiftUI views got a initializer accepting @ViewBuilder as a label which quite verbose for most case where we just need simple Text.

In this beta 3 those views get a new initializer which accept LocalizedStringKey.

Instead of.

Button(action: {
print("Button tapped")
}) {

We can shorten it with.

Button("Button") {
print("Button tapped")

You can checkout my compiled cheat sheet here.

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