How to make parts of Text view Bold in SwiftUI

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There are two easy ways to style parts of SwiftUI Text view.

  1. Using Markdown (iOS 15)
  2. Text Concatenation

Here is an example where we make the word "World!" bold.

Make some parts of a Text view bold.
Make some parts of a Text view bold.


In iOS 15, we can initialize a Text view using a markdown string. So, we can easily make parts of a Text view bold by wrapping part of the string with double asterisks (**) or double underscore (__).

Text("Hello, **World!**")

Text("Hello, __World!__")
Styling parts of a Text view using markdown.
Styling parts of a Text view using markdown.

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Text Concatenation

If you support iOS before iOS 15, you need to use the + operator.

Text view provide + operator which concatenates multiple text views into a new text view.

You can combine text views with multiple styles into one using this operator. Here is an example of creating a "Hello, World!" text view using the + operator.

struct ContentView: View {
var body: some View {
Text("Hello, ")
.font(.largeTitle) +

We bold the second text with the .bold() modifier and append it to the first one with +.

Styling parts of a Text view using Text view concatenation.
Styling parts of a Text view using Text view concatenation.

This operator is very flexible. You can combine as many text views as you want. And you can apply any text modifiers as long as the modifier returns a text view.

Here is another example using this technique.

struct ConcatTextExample: View {
var body: some View {
VStack {
Text("Tempore ") +
Text("distinctio ").bold() +
Text("molestiae ").italic() +
Text("corporis ").foregroundColor(.pink) +
Text("sapiente ").foregroundColor(.orange) +
Text("natus ").foregroundColor(.yellow) +
Text("sunt quo.")

We combine multiple texts with multiple modifiers in this example.

Multiple text views.
Multiple text views.

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