How to reset push notification permission on iOS

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On iOS, when you request permission to use notifications for the first time, the system will present the following dialog asking users to grant the permission.

Notification permission dialog.
Notification permission dialog.

Once users choose to allow or deny the permission, their choice will be remembered. They can change the permission later in Settings.

App notification settings.
App notification settings.

During the development, you might want to reset notification permission back to the clean state (UNAuthorizationStatus.notDetermined) to test out every possible scenario for your app, e.g., user denies the permission.

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How to reset push notification permission in iOS

To reset a push notification permission back to .notDetermined to simulate a first-time run of your app, simply delete and reinstall the app.

Delete an app and reinstall it to reset notification permission back.
Delete an app and reinstall it to reset notification permission back.

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