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Fonts are an essential part of an app. Apple did a great job introducing a beautiful system font, San Francisco Font.

But sometimes, it doesn't reflect your branding, and you want something different.

The problem with finding fonts

The problem when you try to be unique with custom fonts is fonts are generally very expensive, and a license is also complicated.

There are usually different licenses for desktop, printing, and mobile. Some licenses also charge according to the number of app users.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 3 websites where you can find free fonts for your iOS app. (If you know more, please let me know 😅).

List of 3 best free font websites for iOS:

  1. Google Fonts
  2. Fontshare
  3. LINE Seed
  4. Mona & Hubot Sans from Github

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a go-to resource for many people I know. You can find many beautiful free licensed font families there.

Another thing I like about Google Fonts is that they contain non-Latin fonts, which are pretty hard to find on other websites.

Google Fonts
Google Fonts
::: info Here is the link to [Google Fonts]( :::


Fontshare is a website I recently found. It contains a huge collection of beautiful, free-to-use fonts.

Some fonts are exclusive to Fontshare, meaning you will not find them anywhere else online.



LINE Seed is a free typeface from LINE.


It supports four languages, English, Japanese, Korean, and Thai.

What I love about this font is LINE decided to collaborate with famous local Typeface design studios from each country. Finding a beautiful free Thai font is hard since it is only used in Thailand. So, I really appreciate LINE's effort.

LINE Seed in Thai
LINE Seed in Thai

Mona & Hubot Sans from Github

In the Github Universe 2022, GitHub launches Two Variable Open Source Fonts, Mona and Hubot.

They are Variable fonts, which means you can customize their attributes, e.g., weight, width, and skew, as you see fit.

Mona Font
Mona Font
Hubot Font
Hubot Font


Even though all the fonts listed in this article are free, I would still recommend you go through their licenses carefully.

It is better to be safe than sorry about this font license thing.

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