Preview a device in landscape orientation with previewInterfaceOrientation

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New in iOS 15, SwiftUI has finally support preview in landscape orientation so we can remove all the hack we did.

To preview our content in landscape orientation, we use previewInterfaceOrientation() modifier which accept InterfaceOrientation as an argument.

func previewInterfaceOrientation(_ value: InterfaceOrientation) -> some View

We have four orientations to choose from. By default, device previews use portrait orientation.

  • portrait
  • portraitUpsideDown
  • landscapeLeft
  • landscapeRight

Here is an example preview in the landscape left.

struct ContentView: View {
var body: some View {
ZStack {
VStack {
Text("Hello, SwiftUI!")

struct ContentView_Previews: PreviewProvider {
static var previews: some View {

We got our content previews in landscape and respected all the safe area insets. This is better than our previous workaround.

Landscape preview with previewInterfaceOrientation.
Landscape preview with previewInterfaceOrientation.

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