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Reusable View

SwiftUI is designed to make its view easy to be reuse. In the coming of Xcode 12, Apple makes it even more accessible. You can take any of your views to the View Library.

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What is View Library

Libray is like a shortcut in Xcode to access system Components, Code Snippet, and assets. I have mentioned this once in my previous article, How to create code snippets in Xcode. In that article, I teach you how to add a code snippet to the Library, but this time we will focus on views.

Xcode View Library
Xcode View Library

SwiftUI allows us to put our custom control among the system ones.

Custom View

First, let's create our custom view. I have created a user profile view as a sample.

struct UserProfile: View {
var user: User

var body: some View {
HStack {
.aspectRatio(contentMode: .fill)
.frame(width: 60, height: 60)
RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 30)
.stroke(Color.white, lineWidth: 3)
VStack(alignment: .leading) {

struct User {
let imageName: String
let name: String
let handle: String

Here is how it looks like.

User profile view
User profile view

Add to View Library

The way we add a view to View Library is quite similar to how we make our view support preview function. To add a custom view to View Library, you just need to create a struct that conforms LibraryContentProvider. Then, you override var views: [LibraryItem] to return views that you want to add to the View Library.

struct UserProfile_Library: LibraryContentProvider {    
var views: [LibraryItem] {
let user = User(imageName: "john", name: "John Doe", handle: "@johndoe")
return [LibraryItem(UserProfile(user: user), title: "User Profile", category: .control))]

By adding the above code, our user profile view will show up in the View Library.

Custom view in View Library
Custom view in View Library


  • There are no ways to add a description right now. I try adding document to the user profile view, but it doesn't show up.
  • There are no ways to add an image for a thumbnail that shows up in the View Library.
  • When you use the system component, it will prefill all the parameters with usable default values, e.g., Action and Content in Button. You can run it without any compile error. In our case, we get a user as our default value, which is inaccessible (because we declare it in UserProfile_Library).
Working placeholder value for Button
Working placeholder value for Button

I don't have an answer to the first two problems, but I have a way to mitigate the problem for the last one. You can declare a new variable at the global scope, so it is accessible everywhere. Not sure this is the right approach or not. I would update the article if I got a better answer for this.

let PlaceholderUser = User(imageName: "john", name: "John Doe", handle: "@johndoe") // <1>

struct UserProfile_Library: LibraryContentProvider {
var views: [LibraryItem] {
return [LibraryItem(UserProfile(user: PlaceholderUser), title: "User Profile", category: .control)] // <2>

<1> Declare a global variable to use as a placeholder for our view.
<2> User it as a parameter in LibraryItem, UserProfile(user: PlaceholderUser).

Once you drop the view from View Library, code completion will be UserProfile(user: PlaceholderUser), and a compiler still compiles since it can access the PlaceholderUser variable.

The result
The result

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