How to change SwiftUI List section separator color

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Some SwiftUI List styles got a section separator, e.g., .plain, .grouped.

In iOS 15, SwiftUI got a new modifier, listSectionSeparatorTint(_:edges:), to change the color for this section separator.

Colorize section separator.
Colorize section separator.

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How to change the SwiftUI List Section separator color

To change a list section separator color, we apply listSectionSeparatorTint(_:edges:) to a Section, passing the separator color as an argument.

NavigationView {
List {
Section("Section Header") {
ForEach(0..<6) { i in
Text("Row \(i.description)")

Make sure you apply listSectionSeparatorTint(_:edges:) to a Section.

Change the list section separator to pink.
Change the list section separator to pink.

The listSectionSeparatorTint(_:edges:) has an optional second argument that you can specify which edges the color applies. By default, it's applied to all edges.

But from my test on Xcode 14, this edges parameter doesn't work as expected. The .top edge is not working at all. As you can see from the previous example, the top separator is still gray even though we allied the color to all edges.

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