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Why do I need to know the market share of each iOS version

Apple releases a new iOS version every year with a new and improved API, making our life as a developer easier. Every developer wants to support the latest iOS version possible, but that's not always the case in my experience.

Clients usually want the opposite. They want to support the oldest iOS version possible. This is understandable because they want to make their app reach the largest users possible.

The best we can do to change their mind is to show that the burden of supporting old iOS versions isn't worth a handful of users they will get. Here are two websites that I usually visit to get the market share of each iOS version.

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Where can I find the iOS version global market share


Apple shares iOS/iPadOS App Store usage data on their website. You can find (almost real-time) usage data here.

iOS and iPadOS usage data.
iOS and iPadOS usage data.


Another website that I used to visit is mixpanel. They keep sharing the iOS version adoption rate report for each new iOS version. You can find all the reports here.

Here is an example of the iOS 15 adoption rate.

iOS 15 adoption.
iOS 15 adoption.

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