Xcode Previews with UIKit and AppKit in Xcode 15

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In the past (before Xcode 15), there was no easy way to use Xcode Previews for non-SwiftUI components.

If you want to preview your UIView or UIViewController, you need to wrap it as SwiftUI view with UIViewRepresentable or UIViewControllerRepresentable.

In Xcode 15, we can easily create previews with new and more concise syntax using the #Preview macro.

This new syntax support previewing for a wide range of view:

  • SwiftUI
  • UIKit (UIView and UIViewController)
  • AppKit (NSView and NSViewController)
  • Widget timeline providers
  • Timeline entries
  • Live activities

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How to preview UIKit and AppKit in Xcode 15

Xcode Previews for SwiftUI, UIKit, and AppKit.
Xcode Previews for SwiftUI, UIKit, and AppKit.

To preview any view with the new #Preview macro, we just put the view you want to preview inside the macro.

#Preview {
Button("SwiftUI") {}

#Preview {
let button = UIButton(type: .system)
button.setTitle("UIKit", for: .normal)

return button

#Preview {
let button = NSButton(title: "AppKit", target: nil, action: nil)

return button

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