How to dismiss Keyboard in SwiftUI

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How to dismiss Keyboard in SwiftUI

Learn how to programmatically dismiss a keyboard in SwiftUI.

In iOS 15, SwiftUI got a native way to dismiss the keyboard programmatically using a new property wrapper, @FocusState, in conjunction with focused(_:) modifier.

How to dismiss Keyboard programmatically in SwiftUI

Keyboard show and hide based on the focus state of a text field.

  • When a text field gain focus, the keyboard will show.
  • When a text field loss focus, the keyboard will disappear.

To dismiss the keyboard, we need to be able to control the focus of the text field.

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How to control the focus state.

We can listen and control the focus state on a particular input using focused(_:) modifier.

This modifier needs a special type called FocusState to bind the focus state.

Here is an example where we hide the keyboard when the "Sign In" button is tapped.

struct ContentView: View {
@State private var username = ""
// 1
@FocusState private var isFocused: Bool

var body: some View {
VStack {
// 2
TextField("Username", text: $username)
Button("Sign In") {
// 3
isFocused = false

1 We create a @FocusState variable to bind with the focus state of the text field.
2 We bind the focus state using .focused($isFocused) modifier.
3 To dismiss the keyboard, we unfocus the text field by setting the focus state to false, isFocused = false.

When we tapped the text field:

  1. It will gain focus.
  2. isFocused will become true.
  3. And the keyboard will show.

When we set isFocused back to false:

  1. The text field gives up its focus.
  2. And the keyboard will dismiss.
Programmatically dismiss the keyboard using isFocused.
Programmatically dismiss the keyboard using isFocused.

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