Configure Launch screen in SwiftUI using Storyboard

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SwiftUI project comes with a way to configure a launch screen using an Info.plist, but it is quite limited in function.

If you want greater control and flexibility, you can use a Storyboard as a launch screen instead.

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How to configure a launch screen using a Storyboard

To configure a launch screen using a storyboard, you have to do the following steps.

  1. Remove Launch Screen (UILaunchScreen) key from project Info.plist. This will opt out from configuring a launch screen using Info.plist.

  2. Create a new Launch screen file.

    • Choose File > New > File.
    • Under User Interface, select Launch Screen, and click Next.
    • Give the launch screen file a name. I named it "LaunchScreen" in this case.
  3. Set the newly created launch screen file as the launch screen.

    • You can either do this in the "General" tab.

      • Select your app target, then select the General tab and find the "App Icons and Launch Images" section.
      • In the Launch Screen File field, select a launch screen file that you want to use as a launch screen.
    • Or you can do it in Info.plist.

      • Add a new key, UILaunchStoryboardName, to the Info.plist.
      • Then specify the filename of your storyboard file.

That's all. You can now configure your launch screen from the Storyboard.

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