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How to convert UIFont to Font

We can convert UIKit UIFont to SwiftUI Font using init(_ font: CTFont) initializer.

The initializer accepts CTFont as an argument. The CTFont is an opaque type that represents a font object.

Both NSFont and UIFont can toll-free bridged[1] to CTFont.

Here is an example of converting UIKit UIFont to SwiftUI Font.

let uiFont = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 18, weight: .bold)
// 1
let font = Font(uiFont)

1 As you can see, we can initialize Font by passing an UIFont instance as an argument.

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How to convert Font to UIFont

We can easily convert UIFont to Font, but not another way round. But this might not be a problem since UIFont contains much more flexibility and method than Font.

Anything that you can do with Font, you probably find an equivalent way to do it in UIFont.

  1. Toll-free bridging means you can use that bridged data type interchangeably as a parameter without any casting ↩︎

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