Custom Back button in SwiftUI

Learn how to create a custom back button in SwiftUI.

How to remove Back button title in SwiftUI

Learn a proper way to remove a back button title in SwiftUI.

Custom Back button Action in SwiftUI

Learn how to have custom logic for a navigation view back button.

How to change a back button color in Flutter

Learn different ways to change the back button color in Flutter.

A new way to manage the back button title in iOS 14 with backButtonDisplayMode

Apple adds a new way to control where the back button will pick up its title. Let's see how this make thing a lot easier going forward.

What should you know about a navigation history stack in iOS 14

In iOS 14, long-press on the back button will bring up a history stack. Learn what you should consider with this new behavior.

What is backIndicatorTransitionMaskImage

To set a custom image for the back button, we need to set an image to both backIndicatorImage and backIndicatorTransitionMaskImage, but what does backIndicatorTransitionMaskImage really mean?

How to change a back button image

Learn how to change a UINavigationBar back button indicator.

How to remove text from a navigation bar back button

There are a lot of hacky ways to modify or remove a back button title. This tip will show you how to do it properly.

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