Built-in symbol animations in UIKit controls

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In iOS 17, SF Symbols can be animated in various ways.

Some animation effects can use to give feedback and enhance user experiences.

With the coming of new animated symbols, UIKit controls also get a new API to enable animations on some UIControl.

How to opt-in / out of built-in symbol animations

In iOS 17, Apple added an animation on some UIKit controls.

Some controls have animation enabled by default, e.g., UISlider.

Some controls have an animation disabled by default, which you can opt-in for it using the new property.

To opt in/out of the built-in animation, we use the new property, isSymbolAnimationEnabled.

Here is an example of built-in animation for UIButton, UIBarButtonItem, and UISlider.

var conf = UIButton.Configuration.plain()
conf.title = "Add"
conf.image = UIImage(systemName: "plus.app")

let animateButton = UIButton(configuration: conf)
animateButton.isSymbolAnimationEnabled = true

let barButtonItem = UIBarButtonItem(title: "Add", image: UIImage(systemName: "plus.app"), primaryAction: nil, menu: nil)
navigationItem.rightBarButtonItem = barButtonItem
barButtonItem.isSymbolAnimationEnabled = true

let slider = UISlider()
slider.minimumValueImage = UIImage(systemName: "tortoise")
slider.maximumValueImage = UIImage(systemName: "hare")

We explicitly set isSymbolAnimationEnabled to true for UIButton and UIBarButton because the animation is disabled by default for those controls.

But it is enabled by default for UISlider, so you don't need to set it.

Built-in symbol animations in UIKit controls.
Built-in symbol animations in UIKit controls.

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It is quite surprising to me that this feature is exclusive to UIKit.

Apple doesn't expose the same API for SwiftUI.

Some control in SwiftUI also got this nice animation, e.g., Slider. But you can't opt out of that animation.

I tried using .symbolEffectsRemoved(), but it doesn't work.

Slider(value: $speed) {
} minimumValueLabel: {
Image(systemName: "tortoise")
} maximumValueLabel: {
Image(systemName: "hare")

And there is no modifier to enable an animation on the SwiftUI button either.

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