How to get Root view controller in Swift

In this article, I will show you a quick and dirty way to get a root view controller in an iOS app.

Configure Different Launch screens based on URL Scheme

Since iOS 14, you can have multiple launch screens responding to different URL schemes. Let's learn how to define it.

What's new in Xcode 14.3 and iOS 16.4

In this article, we will quickly go through some of the new features in Xcode 14.3 and iOS 16.4 that I find interesting.

How to find a font name of a custom font in iOS

When you use a custom font in your iOS app, the font name that you use to initialize UIFont or Font isn't the file name.

Best Free Fonts for iOS app

A curated list of websites which you can find a free font for your iOS app.

UIPasteBoard's privacy change in iOS 16

In iOS 16, Apple allows users to grant or deny pasteboard reading permission before it happens. Let's see what that means to users.

Better way to get paths to system directories in iOS 16

In iOS 16, the URL got a whole pack of type properties that reference a different path within a user domain, e.g., URL.documentsDirectory.

How to prepare your iOS project to support modular architecture

At the beginning of a project, there are a lot of changes and uncertainty. You might want to start modularizing your code in the later phase, where the scope is clearer. Let's see how to prepare your single module project to support future modularizing.

How to modularize existing iOS projects using Swift Package

Modular programming is a software design technique that breaks your project into a smaller maintainable module which promotes separation of concern and reusability. Let's see how easy it is to modularize an iOS app with Swift Package.

How to make a transparent navigation bar in iOS

A transparent navigation bar is quite popular among the design community. It is just a matter of time before you have to do it. We will explore different ways to do that in this article.

How to reset push notification permission on iOS

Learn how to make notification permission dialog popup again like the first time you run the app.

How to disable dark mode in iOS

If you are not ready to make your app support dark mode, you can opt-out of that. You can do disable it for an entire app or partially. Learn different ways to disable dark mode in iOS.

A new way to manage the back button title in iOS 14 with backButtonDisplayMode

Apple adds a new way to control where the back button will pick up its title. Let's see how this make thing a lot easier going forward.

What should you know about a navigation history stack in iOS 14

In iOS 14, long-press on the back button will bring up a history stack. Learn what you should consider with this new behavior.

Caching dependencies in Github Actions

How to cache Pods, Ruby gem, and Carthage in your iOS project.

Dark color cheat sheet

A cheat sheet that tells you what colors to use to support dark mode. This is a guide for those who want to adopt dark mode, but too lazy to figure out which color to use.

Github Actions for iOS projects

How to setup ci for iOS projects with Github Actions.

Dark color

Things you should know about color when adopting dark mode.

Data in SwiftUI, Part 3: Tools

The last part in a series on understanding data in SwiftUI. See all tools SwiftUI provided to declare different types of data and dependency. Learn when and how to use @State, @Binding, ObservableObject, @ObservedObject, @EnvironmentObject, and @Environment.

Data in SwiftUI, Part 2: Views as a function of data

Part 2 in a series on understanding data in SwiftUI. We will talk about the key that makes principles in part 1 possible in SwiftUI. And how this resulting in a reduction of the complexity of UI development.

Data in SwiftUI, Part 1: Data

Part 1 in a series on understanding data in SwiftUI. In the first part, we will try to understand the importance of data and how they play an essential role in SwiftUI.

Adopting iOS Dark Mode

A long-awaited feature has finally come to iOS. Join it or not is your choice to make. This article will guide you through it.

Modality changes in iOS13

In iOS13, the modal presentation gets a new look and dismissal gesture. This article will talk about what you can do with these new welcoming changes.

Custom UIHostingController

Learn how to create a custom subclass of UIHostingController and its benefit.

SwiftUI's ViewModifier

Learn a crucial concept in SwiftUI, view modifier, and a guide of how to create your custom modifier.

SwiftUI changes in Xcode 11 Beta 5

Highlight changes for SwiftUI in beta 5

How to use SwiftUI in UIKit

Using SwiftUI as UIView and UIViewController

SwiftUI changes in Xcode 11 Beta 4

Highlight changes for SwiftUI in beta 4

Better dependency injection for Storyboards in iOS13

Say goodbye to optional properties in your view controllers. In iOS13, you can inject those properties at a time of view controller creation.

UISplitViewController in SwiftUI

WWDC session shows us a way to create UISplitViewController with NavigationView in SwiftUI. It finally works in Xcode 11 Beta 3.

SwiftUI changes in Xcode 11 Beta 3

Highlight changes for SwiftUI in beta 3

How to use UIKit in SwiftUI

Using UIView and UIViewController in SwiftUI

Browse SF Symbols on Mac

SF Symbols contain over 1,500 icons. It would be hard if you don't know the existence of SF Symbols App.

MVC (Missing View Controller)

Where is UIViewController in SwiftUI?

Introduction to Coordinator

iOS flow controller

Enum & custom type from primitive JSON type

Swift Codable

Codable in Swift 4.0

Can it replace JSON encode/decode lib out there?

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