How to decode enums ignoring case in Swift Codable

Learn how to make a case insensitive enum.

What do @main, @UIApplicationMain, and @NSApplicationMain mean

When you start a new project, you would see either of these attributes in an AppDelegate file. Let's find out its functionality.

How to make a custom button style supports leading dot syntax in SwiftUI

In Swift 5.5, we can apply button style using leading dot syntax, .buttonStyle(.plain), instead of a full name of a concreate type, .buttonStyle(PlainButtonStyle()). Let's see how we can make our custom button style support this.

What is a KeyPath in Swift

By learning about the key path, you open up yourself to an opportunity to improve your existing API or even create a new one that you don't aware you can do it.

What does ?? operator means in Swift

?? is an operator that has one specific use case. Let's find out what it is.

7 ways to pass a closure as an argument in Swift

There are many ways we can satisfy a closure argument. Some of them do not even look like closure. Let's learn all of them in this article.

How to set custom CodingKey for the convertFromSnakeCase decoding strategy

The thing you should know before using the convertFromSnakeCase decoding strategy.

How to reference a method with the same name and parameters but a different return type in Swift

Trying to reference two methods with the same name and parameters will cause an ambiguous compile error. Learn how to resolve it.

Different ways to catch throwing errors from Swift do-catch

It is tempting to just catch all a throwing error in a single catch clause and call it a day, but not all errors are created equals, and you should treat it as such.

How to explicitly specialize a generic function in Swift

Learn a workaround to specify a type for your generic functions.

New Formatters in iOS 15: Why do we need another formatter

We have a new way to format data into a localized string in iOS 15. Why do we need another formatter? How does it differ from the old one? Let's find out.

How to read App Name, Version, and Build Number from Info.plist

Learn an easy way to read the information in Info.plist.

What is a Property Wrapper in Swift

As the name implies, a property wrapper is a new type that wraps a property to add additional logic. Let's see what it capable of and the benefit it provided.

Sort array of objects by multiple properties with Swift Tuple

Learn how tuple can help you in sorting.

Does Swift enum retain its associated value

An easy question that you might overlook. Learn this simple fact together in this article.

How to create custom operators and do operators overloading in Swift

Learn how to overload existing operators such as +, -, *, / or create a custom one (such as .^.).

Different ways to check if a string contains another string in Swift

Learn how to check if a string contains another string, numbers, uppercased/lowercased string, or special characters.

Different ways to compare string in Swift

String comparison is an essential operation for day to day job. Swift provides a few variations for this. We will visit them in this article.

How to convert a String to an Int in Swift

Learn to convert a string "123" to an integer 123.

Different ways to sort an array of strings in Swift

Learn a proper way to sort an array of strings in each circumstance.

How to specify fractional digits for formatted number string in Swift

Learn how to format a Float and Double string.

How to use DateFormatter in Swift

Learn how to use this expensive DateFormatter.

How to loop in Swift

Learn different ways of using for loop for each scenario.

How expensive is DateFormatter

If you are working on iOS for long enough, there is a chance that you might have known that DateFormatter is expensive, but what is costly about DateFormatter? Let's find out in this article.

How to get the first N elements of array in Swift

Learn a few ways to do it and things you should know when using them.

Getting the number of days between two dates in Swift

There are a few variations when dealing with counting days. You need to ask yourself some questions beforehand.

Understanding Date and DateComponents

Date and time might be among your list of the hardest things in programming (It is for me). Today, I'm going to talk about a basic concept of a Date and its companion DateComponents.

What is @escaping in Swift closures

Learn the meaning of @escaping, so you know what to do when you see it or when you need to write one.

Reduce boilerplate code with an automatic synthesis of Equatable and Hashable conformance

Equatable and Hashable are two essential protocols in the Swift world. Let's learn an old Swift feature that you might forget.

Setting default values for NSUserDefaults

NSUserDefaults is a go-to database for saving users' preferences. Learn how to populate it with your default values.

3 lesser-known ways of using Swift enums

Three language features around Swift enumeration that you might not aware of.

Testing delegates and protocols in XCTest

Learn how to write unit tests for delegate/protocol methods.

How to declare Swift protocol for a specific class

Learn how to create protocols that constrain their conforming types to a given class.

Sleep sort: A sorting algorithm without compare

I can't tell it is a stupid or genius algorithm, but it sure got a beauty in it.

Different ways to check for String suffix in Swift

Learn how to get a suffix from a Swift string.

Decode an array with a corrupted element

When working with an unstable, legacy, or third party API, you might get a malformed object in an array. Learn how to decode a JSON array with corrupted data in Codable safely.

How to set status bar style

Learn different ways to control the status bar style.

Different ways to check for String prefix in Swift

Learn how to get a prefix from a Swift string.

How to compare two app version strings in Swift

Learn how to check your app version strings are higher or lower.

How to split a string into an array of substrings in Swift

Learn different ways to split a string into an array of substrings.

How to make multi-line text in UIButton

The default appearance of UIButton is a single line text, but it also supports a multi-line text with some minor tweak.

History of Auto Layout constraints

Learn different ways to define Auto Layout constraints programmatically.

How to preserve a struct memberwise initializer when you have a custom initializer

A tip to declare a custom initializer without losing a memberwise initializer.

Memberwise Initializers for Structure Types

Struct is one of the basic building blocks in your app. Today I'm going to share some tips about memberwise Initializers.

SF Symbols: What is it, and how to use?

Introduction of SF Symbols, learn the basics, and how to use them.

Class-only Protocols: class or AnyObject

If you are still declaring class-only protocols by inheriting them from class, you might need to revise your knowledge.

How to read a Property List (plist) into the code

When I want to keep some information or configuration out of a code base and don't want something fancy, I usually save it as Property List file. Let's see how to do it.

Sign in with Apple Tutorial, Part 4: Web and Other Platforms

Part forth in a series Sign in with Apple. Use Sign in with Apple JS to let users set up accounts and sign in to your website and apps on other platforms.

Print unescaped string output in Swift

How to print object (po) in a debugger (lldb) without escape special characters.

Sign in with Apple Tutorial, Part 3: Backend – Token verification

Part 3 in a series Sign in with Apple. In this part, we will see how backend can use the token to sign up/sign in users.

What is @discardableResult

Learn about this Swift attribute and its purpose.

Sign in with Apple Tutorial, Part 2: Private Email Relay Service

Part 2 in a series Sign in with Apple. In this part, we will talk about the anonymous email address. How to make it work and its limitation.

Sign in with Apple Tutorial, Part 1: Apps

Part 1 in a series Sign in with Apple. In the first part, we will focus on the app part. What we need to do to add Sign in with Apple option in our app.

Swift Documentation

How to write documentation comments in your Swift code.

if let: How not to use it

Learn how you should write a code that shows your true intention.

SwiftUI's ViewModifier

Learn a crucial concept in SwiftUI, view modifier, and a guide of how to create your custom modifier.

How to use SwiftUI in UIKit

Using SwiftUI as UIView and UIViewController

How to use UIKit in SwiftUI

Using UIView and UIViewController in SwiftUI

MVC (Missing View Controller)

Where is UIViewController in SwiftUI?

Enum & custom type from primitive JSON type

Swift Codable

Codable in Swift 4.0

Can it replace JSON encode/decode lib out there?

Where is my getter/setter in Swift?

A missing Objective-C piece

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