How to fix "libobjc.A.dylib is being read from process memory" error

If your app takes forever to run on a device and you get this error in the console log. I will share what works for me in this article.

How to fix "dyld: Library not loaded @rpath" error

You probably get this error when you try to add a third-party framework to your project. Let's learn one way to fix it.

Bookmark in Xcode 15

Xcode 15 brings one of the great features of Xcode, the ability to bookmark your code.

Access Images and Colors with Enum in Xcode 15

Xcode 15 can automatically create Swift symbols for your resources without any third party. Let's learn how to do it.

Little big improvements in Xcode 15

Small improvements that make a big difference in day-to-day coding.

How to preview UIViewController in Xcode Previews

You might not be aware that you can enjoy the benefit of Xcode Previews even though you are still using UIKit. In this article, I will show you how to preview a view controller using Xcode Previews.

Xcode Previews with UIKit and AppKit in Xcode 15

Learn about the Xcode Previews improvement in Xcode 15.

How to preview UIView in Xcode Previews

If you use UIKit, you can preview your view using Interface Builder. But you can also preview a custom view that is created programmatically using Xcode Previews.

Find Callers of methods or variables in Xcode

Callers or Call Hierarchy shows you all the places where a method, function, or variable is used. You can easily find callers in Xcode.

How to check if code is in DEBUG or RELEASE build in Swift

Learn how to compile code only on a specific build configuration.

Xcode Previews: What is it, and how to use it

Xcode Preview has been through many updates and iterations. Learn what we can do in the latest version.

Detecting if SwiftUI app is in Xcode Previews

Learn how to detect whether an app is running in Xcode Previews.

How to Open using Rosetta in Xcode 14.3

If you are using Xcode 14.3 or later, you might notice that the option to open Xcode in Rosetta is no longer available. Let's find out what changes.

How to set Info.plist Values based on Build Configuration in Xcode

Learn how to configure Info.plist value per build configuration.

How to preview SwiftUI Layout without device frame

Learn how to preview SwiftUI view without a distraction of a device frame.

How to change Command + Click behavior in Xcode

Command + click is my go-to shortcut when coding. Let's learn how to modify its behavior.

How to Run code in Release build in Xcode

Learn how to run it on the Release build configuration, which is the one Xcode used for the App Store.

What's new in Xcode 14.3 and iOS 16.4

In this article, we will quickly go through some of the new features in Xcode 14.3 and iOS 16.4 that I find interesting.

Adding and Removing Swift Package dependencies in Xcode

Since Xcode 11, we can easily integrate Swift Package dependencies into our project. Let's learn how to do it.

What is Info.plist in Xcode

Learn what it is and where to find it.

Where is Info.plist in Xcode 13

If you create a new SwiftUI project, you will no longer see Info.plist file. Let's learn about this change.

How to fix "The compiler is unable to type-check this expression in reasonable time" error

There might be several reasons that cause this error. I will share the solution that works for me.

How to Show/hide whitespace characters in Xcode

Learn how to make whitespace characters visible in the Xcode editor and why we need them.

Little big improvements in Xcode 14

Small improvements that make a big difference in day-to-day coding.

7 Xcode shortcuts for a large iOS project

This article will share seven Xcode shortcuts that will help you on a large iOS project. The tricks you are about to learn will help you find and navigate to a file/class/symbol in your large and small project.

How to fix "Unable to boot the iOS simulator" error

There might be several reasons that cause this error. I will share the solution that works for me.

How to test UI layout for different languages with Pseudolanguages

Each language has its own characteristic. Some are more verbose than others. Some have special characters that take up vertical spaces. Some even read and lay out from right to left. Let's see how to make sure your layout is ready for this.

How to quickly test apps in other languages with an Xcode scheme

A tip for creating multiple schemes to quickly run your app in different languages.

How to generate code coverage reports in Xcode

Xcode has a feature to generate code coverage since version 7. Let's see how to enable it and what you can expect from this feature.

How to create a macOS app without storyboard or xib files

macOS is tightly coupled with storyboard and xib than iOS. To build your UI entirely in code, we have to do some initial setup.

How to simulate location in Xcode and Simulator

Both Xcode and Simulator can simulate location, but they serve different purposes. The Simulator provided a quick and easy way to simulate location and movement. On the other hand, Xcode offers more customization. Let's learn the differences so you can pick the right tool for your needs.

Spell checking in Xcode

Did you know that you have an option to enable spell checking in Xcode?

4 Xcode shortcuts to get back your screen space

Working on your MacBook without an external monitor can be troublesome due to the small screen size. I will show you 4 Xcode shortcuts that might mitigate the situation.

Preview a device in landscape orientation with previewInterfaceOrientation

New in iOS 15, SwiftUI has finally support preview in landscape orientation. Let's find out how to do it.

How to use a pre-release Swift version with command-line tools

Each Xcode version comes with a specific Swift toolchain. If you want to prepare your app for a new feature and make it work with CI, you want to make your tools, e.g., Fastlane and xcodebuild know about the new toolchain. Let's see how we can switch between different Swift toolchains with command-line tools.

How to use a pre-release Swift version in Xcode

Each Xcode version comes with a specific Swift toolchain, but you don't have to wait for a new Xcode version to try the new Swift features. Let's see how we can switch between different Swift toolchains in Xcode.

How to set up iOS environments: develop, staging, and production

Learn how to create a separate environment for your app with the help of Configuration and Scheme. Create a different app and variables for each environment on the same codebase.

4 Xcode shortcuts to boost your productivity for SwiftUI

Leaning tips and tricks about the tool will help you down the road. Today, I will show you 4 Xcode shortcuts that I find helpful when dealing with SwiftUI.

How to preview a device in landscape orientation with SwiftUI Previews

SwiftUI doesn't have a built-in way to preview for a device in landscape orientation at the moment, but we can simulate that with a few modifiers.

What is the difference between Tuist init and scaffold

A brief summary of init and scaffold commands.

Tuist scaffold: How to use the Tuist template to create a new module for an ongoing project

Learn how the scaffold command helps you to bootstrap new components or features such as a new VIPER module or a new framework for your new feature.

Tuist init: How to use Tuist templates to bootstrap your project

Learn how to use, and limitations of tuist init, a command that bootstrap a new project.

Tuist Template: What is it and how to create them

The template is a way to group repetitive code structure into a reusable component. You will learn how to create them in this article.

How to fix "no identity found - Command CodeSign failed with a nonzero exit code" error in Xcode

There might be several reasons that cause this error. I will share one that just happened to me.

How to add a unit test target to a Tuist project

We will see how hard (or easy) it is to add a new unit testing bundle target to your Xcode project with Tuist.

Record iOS Simulator video as mp4 and GIF with Xcode

Xcode 12.5 brings many great updates and features. One of them is the ability to record a video of the app directly from the Simulator app.

Getting Started with Tuist

A brief introduction to Tuist, a command-line tool that helps you generate Xcode projects.

How to fix "Skipping duplicate build file" warning in Xcode

There might be several reasons that cause this error. Here are the solutions that fix it for me.

How to fix "Build input file cannot be found" error in Xcode

There might be several reasons that cause this error. I will share one solution that fixes the one that happened to me the most.

Multi-cursor editing in Xcode

It is a hidden gem in Xcode that can save up your coding time. Learn what it is, how to use it, and some use cases.

SVG image assets supported in Xcode 12

We finally get SVG supported and the best thing is it is backward compatible with some limitations.

Add custom SwiftUI view to View Library with LibraryContentProvider

A new way to create a reusable view.

Easy way to detect a retain cycle in a view controller

A view controller is one component where memory leak usually takes place since it holds many pieces together. One of the easiest ways to detect them is to see if a view controller is not being deallocated. Let's see how Xcode breakpoint can help you find a leak.

Useful Xcode shortcuts for unit testing

Testing is a process we do along with our development. Knowing shortcuts would help you save some time, which will add up in the long run.

How to create code snippets in Xcode

Create a reusable boilerplate snippet that you can use in the project.

How to remove Cocoapods from your project

Swift Package Manager is getting better every day. It is a matter of time before everyone supports it. When the time comes, make sure you know how to say goodbye to this old friend.

How to create a new Xcode project without Storyboard

Modify AppDelegate or SceneDelegate to support a non-storyboard approach.

Testing Remote Push Notification in iOS simulator

A new and easier way to test Apple push notification on iOS simulator.

Manually symbolicate crash reports

A guide to decode a gibberish crash report to a human readable format.

Unwrap optional values in XCTest with XCTUnwrap

No more manual if let and guard let in your tests.

// MARK: - What is it?

If this is just a comment for you, this article might benefit you.

Create a new iOS12 project in Xcode11

Required modifications to make your newly created project work in iOS 12 or lower.

Adopting iOS Dark Mode

A long-awaited feature has finally come to iOS. Join it or not is your choice to make. This article will guide you through it.

Better dependency injection for Storyboards in iOS13

Say goodbye to optional properties in your view controllers. In iOS13, you can inject those properties at a time of view controller creation.

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